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Onco Surgery

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Onco Surgery

Surgical oncology procedures Appendectomy Surgery to remove an appendix is known as an appendectomy. It is usually an emergency procedure performed when the appendix, a small organ attached to the large intestine, becomes irritated and inflamed. The condition is called appendicitis. The appendix swells when it becomes blocked by infection, cancer, a foreign material or stool.

When an appendectomy is performed and an appendix tumor is discovered, and lab tests confirm it is appendix (or appendiceal) cancer, additional surgery to remove more tissue may be necessary. In addition to appendix surgery, patients may receive chemotherapy, and in rare cases, radiation therapy.

Bowel resection is a surgical procedure used to treat and prevent cancer and other diseases of the colon by removing part of the large intestine. It is also known as a colectomy, colon resection or colon removal. Surgery is a common treatment for colorectal cancer. Bowel resection involves the surgical removal of colorectal tumors, as well as surrounding tissue and several nearby lymph nodes. A bowel resection that involves removing the entire colon is called a total colectomy. A subtotal colectomy removes most of the colon. When a portion, or segment, of the colon is removed, it is known as a segmental colectomy.


Apart from the clinical departments Swastya Hospital has many critical and crucial supportive facilities. These insure prompt and quality patient care.

Swasthya Hospital is the best place for patients needing lifetime dialysis. Our ultra-modern dialysis machines give the best results.

When ‘time is life’, this is the only transport option for critically ill patients. Swasthya hospital organizes ICU on wheels.

Swasthya hospital arranges ambulance transfer patients 24x7. The ambulance staff is trained to take care of the patient during transit.

Day Care ServicesPatients are admitted and discharged on the same day. Services include chemotherapy, arthroscopy, endoscopy, eye & ENT surgery, appendectomy, hernia etc.

It ensures the right medicines at the right place at the right time, stored at the right temperature, available 24x7.

Unless you know about common diseases, you cannot get the best treatment. Swasthya hospital organizes regular health education seminars for patients.

Our Core Values

We, the members of the Swasthya Hospitals, hold the following values to be the foundation of our identity. We shall endeavour to think and act at all times in accordance with these values. To provide world standard healthcare solutions to the community by leveraging advances in medical research science and technology and adoption of best management practices.

Patient Centric

We are Patient Centric. We put the needs of the patient first in all our actions.

Committed To Deliver

We give our best in all that we undertake and are committed to deliver on time.


We remain modest and humble in our achievements. Our work speaks for itself.


We seek value and maximize our gains by using our resources judiciously.

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